Sprinkler Systems

ABC Fire Inc. has experience in all types of water based fire sprinkler systems in commercial and industrial buildings. Many customers may not know what type of system they have or need. Let us help you determine the status of your existing system and what may be done to better protect your investment. Our sprinkler employees are knowledgeable and certified with new installations from start to finish under their belt and also excel in testing and servicing of your existing equipment . With ABC Fire, good excellent service is key to our success; we provide 24 hour emergency service and will respond with one phone call.

Backflow Preventors

Annual back flow testing is required to protect our water supplies. ABC provides Annual Testing of Backflow Preventer devices for water departments and cities. We provide vault and confined space entry as well as aboveground testing. ABC will handle the submittal of reports to BSI, Aqua and other third-party compliance groups making the process quick and easy.

Fire Hydrants

Fire departments rely on Hydrant water Supply. Making Sure your GPM, Static, and Residual Pressures are where they need to be, ABC provides Pitot tests and Annual Maintenance, as well as Repair and Replacement.

Fire Pumps & Controllers

Whether you are looking fire pump compliance on a weekly, monthly or annual inspection, ABC FIRE will keep you going. We offer a full list NFPA 20 services from churn tests to repacking and full flow testing. Keeping your fire pump and controller running.

Wet & Dry Risers

Fire Sprinklers Save Lives. Let ABC Test your fire sprinkler systems to NFPA 25 standards. From antifreeze testing to quarterly inspections to 5 Year Internal Investigations. ABC Fire has been saving lives for over 30 Years. We offer 24-hour emergency service for around the clock service when you may need it the most.

Fire Sprinkler Testing

One of the most important aspects of any fire safety system is ensuring that it operates properly if it is ever needed. Though it may not seem possible to test these systems without creating a mess, there are, in fact, proper ways to be sure that your system is working the way that it was designed to. By staying up-to-date on all of the local, state, federal and NFPA codes, we provide the expertise and experience that comes with decades as a leader in our industry. Let our trained technicians put your mind at ease with a safety inspection at your location.

ABC Fire is now a division of Cintas